Business Services

Bringing Big Benefits to Small Business 

(1-100 employees)

Group Health Plans

  • New Technology to help our business partners administer all their benefits with EASE!  
    • Use for Group Health & /or Group Retirement Plans 
    • Cutting down admin time by as much as 25% for your staff
    • Eliminate all paper by signing digitally
    • Making it easy to manage changes for the employer and employee
    • 24/7 access for employer and employee
    • Send a new hire a link to their email address and they can sign ALL your hiring documents with EASE!  
  • One on One meetings with employees to educate them about their options.
  • Group Health Benefits
  • Group Voluntary Benefits 

Employer Group Retirement Plans 

  • Contribution Plans
  • Group Retirement Plans
    • 401k Plans with tax credits up to $5,000.00
    • Keep your employees around with a vesting schedule for employer contributions
    • Profit Sharing Plan 
    • Simple IRA’s
    • SEP-IRA’s
    • Process your enrollments and changes electronically with EASE! 
    • Online portal to upload employee and employer contributions electronically

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