A mentoring relationship is what we strive for with all our existing and new clients at Starr Investments & Benefits.  We have been encouraged to fine tune and name our process, that Jim Starr has been using for over 25 years in the investment business.  We are just genuine people mentoring people that want a little help in putting together a Road Map, to achieve their goals and objectives for the future.  We call it our P4 Process, and this is what it looks like broken down into 4 phases at a high level overview. Come on by, so we can explain it in person!

The 4 phases. 

1)    Prepare  

     ~ Give me 6 hours to chop a tree down and I will spend the first 4 sharpening my Axe! ~ Unknown

This is normally our first meeting; and its about gathering enough information about you, and its the most important Phase. Without this phase, it would be impossible to go onto the next phase. 

  • Getting to know you - Client Packet 
  • Review current effective income tax rates, Social Security PIA Statements, Current Life Insurance 
  • Risk Tolerance Score with Riskalyze - Take online questionnaire before or during this meeting

2)    Plan - 

     ~ Tell me, what is it you plan to do, with your 1 Wild & Precious Life? ~ Mary Oliver 

  • What are your goals and objectives with the various assets you have
    • Accumulation, Preservation, Income Now or a mixture
  • Many Investment Options to match your Risk Tolerance 
  • Help with planning for Medicare and your many options
  • Tax planning in regards to your current & future effective tax brackets
  • Social Security Analysis
  • Work together to design your personal Road Map, that you follow while living your best life

  3)   Persevere 

       ~ Continued effort to achieve important objectives, despite difficulties, failure or Opposition! 

  • Changes: Life happens and we are here to help adjust your Road Map when necessary
  • Insight: In an ever changing economy, it never hurts to have some good advice from your mentor regarding your investments. 
  • Mentoring  Relationship Vs Coaching: Coaching is short term, to meet a focused goal, like a championship.  Mentoring is a long term process, accomplishing many objectives and goals along the way, while developing meaningful long-term relationships.

  4) Prosper

       ~ For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today! ~ unknown 

  • Everyone's Road Map to prosperity looks different
  • An important key to your final phase, is not to be thinking about all the "What If's"
  • Be the individual who Almost reached all of their financial goals, instead of the one that Never started